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Version FrancaiseI am fortunate to live in a big city where you easily find gourmet products. Bigorre ham, arborio rice, Ariaké  broth, matcha tea, fine olive oils… But I also know what it is to live far  away from all the shops, not really have the time to go, but also to live away from my home country and not have easy access to my favorite products. And this is where the Internet becomes handy.

Imagine a deli, available in 18 European countries, like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, U.K, Italy, Ireland, Holland and more,  offering a wide range of fine foods, and everything from your office desk our couch at home. This is possible with the new website eDélices launched by Gilles Muller (for all Bocuse fans, the surname, deeply rooted in the Lyonnaise cuisine is surely well known) and Raphel Tardio. Here, you find all kinds of good quality products and brands mostly French but not only.  You can find Jardin de Gaïa tea, Libeluil olive oils, Waguy beef and Oigen tea pots amongst other, Edélice sent me some products to discover  and I used some of them to make simple recipes to share with you. Those who know my kitchen knows I don’t  like denaturalize products. I prefer to highlight them with good cooking and accompanying with products that gives them depth.

Summer is in full swing, markets overflowing with fruits and vegetables, but what we want is fresh and simple. For these recipes, I used orange  flavored olive oil and sweet potato chips.

Here are two summer lazy recipes, for everyone who loves good food but prefer spend time in the sun rather than cooking.